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All kinds of teddy's, S to XXL

A small or a very big one? Here you will find all kinds of teddy's.

Steiff 109935 Buddy Teddy

Steiff Josey Grizzly

Steiff 113291 Josey Grizzly bear

steiff ean 109928 lommy teddy

Steiff EAN 109928 Lommy Teddy

steiff ean 113369 sunny teddy

Steiff EAN 113369 Sunny Teddy

steiff ean 113338 sunny teddy

Steiff EAN 113338 Sunny Teddy

steiff ean 013041 ben

Steiff EAN 013041 Teddy Ben

steiff ean 022173 around the world bears lin a

Steiff EAN 022173 Around the world bears Lin Panda

steiff ean 023637 chubble teddy bear

Steiff EAN 023637 Chubble Teddy bear

Flocke IJsbeer

Steiff Cosy EAN 280139 Polar bear Flocke

ijsbeer Flocke zittend

Steiff Cosy EAN 113185 Polar bear Flocke

steiff ean 113550 hubert teddy beer

Steiff EAN 113550 Hubert teddy bear


Steiff EAN 013478O Bobby Dangling Teddy

steiff ean 012402 petsy donker

Steiff EAN 012402 Petsy caramel

steiff ean 111556 lilly beer

Steiff EAN 111556 Lilly dangling teddy bear


Steiff EAN 013515O Bobby Dangling Teddy

2017 steiff ean 690204 paddington

Steiff EAN 690204 Paddington

2017 steiff ean 690198 paddington

Steiff EAN 690198 Paddington

steiff ean 109201-magnetic-bear

Steiff EAN 109201 Magnetic Bear Head

steiff cosy ean 062957 arco stehend

Steiff EAN 062957 Arco Polar bear

steiff cosy teddy ean 019227 molly braun

Steiff EAN 019227 Molly teddy bear

steiff ean 012266 petsy blond

Steiff EAN 012266 Petsy Blond

steiff ean 064845 tom panda

Steiff EAN 064845 Panda Tom

steiff ean 060045 jan koala

Steiff EAN 060045 Koala Jan

steiff ean 022715 sprinkels

Steiff EAN 022715 Sprinkels Teddy Soft Cuddly Friends

steiff ean 022708 sprinkels

Steiff EAN 022708 Sprinkels Teddy Soft Cuddly Friends

steiff ean 113413 honey teddy

Steiff EAN 113413 Honey Teddy Soft Cuddly Friends

steiff ean 113420 honey teddy

Steiff EAN 113420 Honey Teddy Soft Cuddly Friends

steiff ean 075766 ming panda

Steiff EAN 075766 Ming Panda Soft Cuddly Friends