steiff ean 073243 mini chickilee

NEW IN 2018

The new items 2018 will be comming soon.

Mini Chickilee is the first 2018 item arriving!

steiff ean 355240 peter rabbit

Steiff EAN 355240 Peter Rabbit

steiff ean 355257 benjamin bunny

Steiff EAN 355257 Benjamin Bunny

steiff ean 355172 occamy

Steiff EAN 355172 Occamy

steiff ean 355127 niffler

Steiff EAN 355127 Niffler

steiff ean 355110 harry potter key

Steiff EAN 355110 Harry Potter pendant

steiff ean 063763 pinky flamingo

Steiff EAN 063763 Pinky dangling flamingo

steiff ean 355080 hedwig

Steiff EAN 355080 Hedwig Owl

steiff ean 080432 piepsi chick

Steiff EAN 080432 Piepsi kuiken

steiff ean 073243 mini chickilee

Steiff ean 073243 Mini Chickilee Happy Farm

steiff ean 073090 flocky lamb

Steiff EAN 073090 Flocky Lam

steiff ean 080517 mummel rabbit

Steiff EAN 080517 Mümmel Rabbit

steiff ean 099212 pharao cat

Steiff EAN 099212 Pharao Cat

steiff ean 099243 princess persian cat

Steiff EAN 099243 Princess Persian Cat

steiff ean 069871 baby meerkat

Steiff EAN 069871 baby Meerkat

steiff ean 069956 meerkat mama

Steiff EAN 069956 mama meerkat

steiff ean 355295 nelly beagle pendant

Steiff EAN 355295 Nelly the Beagle pendant

steiff ean 355165 demiguise

Steiff EAN 355165 Demiguise

steiff ean 690372 paddington 60cm

Steiff EAN 690372 Paddington Bear

steiff ean 069178 edvin elk

Steiff EAN 069178 Edvin Elk

steiff ean 083464 linda cocker spaniel

Steiff EAN 083464 Linda dangling Cocker Spaniel

steiff ean 063749 blue footed booby

Steiff EAN 063749 Bobby Blue footed booby

steiff ean 062216 boogie gorilla

Steiff EAN 062216 Protect Me Boogie Gorilla

steiff ean 070143 chinchi chinchilla

Steiff EAN 070143 Protect me Chinchi Chinchilla

steiff ean 071683 feli fawn

Steiff EAN 071683 Feli Fawn

steiff ean 069291 foxy fox

Steiff EAN 069291 Foxy fox

steiff ean 063954 susie swan

Steiff EAN 063954 Susie Swan

steiff ean 045165 owly owl

Steiff EAN 045165 Owly Owl

steiff ean 073250 chickilee

Steiff EAN 073250 Happy Farm Chickilee Chick

steiff ean 113390 sunny in suitcase

Steiff EAN 113390 Sunny Teddy with suitcase

steiff ean 113406 sunny in suitcase

Steiff EAN 113406 Sunny teddy with suitcase

steiff ean 109911 lommy suitcase

Steiff EAN 109911 Lommy Teddy in suitcase

steiff ean 080449 melly suitcase

Steiff EAN 080449 Melly rabbit in suitcase