peggy pinguin
Lovely animals of both ends of the earth.  
Animals of both North and South Pole. All good Steiff quality,

Steiff 062605 Nanouk IJsbeer / Polar Bear /Eisbär

Steiff EAN 057113 Hummi Humbold penguin

Steiff Cosy EAN 057090 Flaps Baby Penguin

Steiff EAN 063688 National Geographic Sheila baby seal

Steiff Cosy EAN 115110 Arco Polar Bear

Steiff Cosy EAN 113185 Polar bear Flocke

Steiff Cosy EAN 115127 Arco Polar bear

Steiff EAN 062957 Arco Polar bear

Steiff EAN 077968 Niklas Artic Hare

Steiff EAN 057144 Flaps Penguin cuddly friends

Steiff Cosy EAN 115134 Arco Polar bear

Steiff EAN 063114 Robby seal