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Baby soft gifts for boys and girls

An animal from Steiff, a perfect gift for a new born baby.

All Steiff baby items are safe for young children.  


Steiff Elefantle rammelaar

Steiff 241147 Little Elephant Rattle

Steiff 664021 My first teddy creme*

steiff ean 237607 basti beer baby

Steiff Baby EAN 237607 Basti Bear

steiff ean 241536 bearzy

Steiff EAN 241536 Soft Cuddly Friends Bearzy beige

steiff ean 241550 bearzy

Steiff EAN 241550 Soft Cuddly Friends Bearzy white *

steiff ean 063770 scf okto oktopus

Steiff EAN 063770 Ockto Octopus Soft Cuddly Friends*

steiff ean 063855 scf tuggy turtle a

Steiff EAN 063855 Tuggy Turtle Soft Cuddly Friends

Steiff ean 239908 Sleep well bear grey

Steiff EAN 239908 Sleep well bear grey

steiff cosy 080265  rabbit

Steiff EAN 080265 Mr Cupcake rabbit beige

steiff ean 080241 mr cupcake 22 cm

Steiff EAN 080241 Mr Cupcake rabbit beige

steiff 103094 lambaloo lamb

Steiff EAN 103094 Mini Lambaloo lamb

steiff ean 237393 lenny lamb

Steiff EAN 237393 Lenny Lamb

steiff ean 240669 mini teddy with rattle

Steiff EAN 240669 Mini Teddy grip toy

steiff ean 240607 leon lion

Steiff EAN 240607 Leon Lion

steiff ean 241185 teddy bear band niklie rattle set

Steiff EAN 241185 Teddy Band Nickly rattle set

steiff ean 240904 leon lion

Steiff EAN 240904 Leon Leeuw*

steiff ean 240966 piggilee-pig-musical

Steiff EAN 240966 Happy Farm Piggilee musical toy

steiff ean 241017-piggilee-comforter-with-rattle

Steiff EAN 241017 Happy Farm Piggilee comforter

steiff ean 241093 blossom babies rabbit

Steiff EAN 241093 Blossom Babies Rabbit

steiff ean 241062-blossom-babies-rabbit-comforter

Steiff EAN 241062 Blossom Babies rabbit comforter

steiff ean 240317 friend finder teddy

Steiff EAN 240317 friend finder Teddy*


Steiff EAN 234262 Nulli Dog Pram toy


Steiff EAN 234095 Nulli Dog Grip toy


Steiff EAN 234118 Nulli hond grip toy with rattle

steiff ean 240782 giggles teddy

Steiff EAN 240782 rattle Giggles Teddy bear Soft Cuddly Friends

steiff ean 240584 giggles teddy

Steiff EAN 240584 Giggles Teddy bear Soft Cuddly Friends

steiff ean 240799 baster dog

Steiff EAN 240799 rattle Baster dog Soft Cuddly Friends

steiff ean 240591 baster dog

Steiff EAN 240591 Baster dog Soft Cuddly Friends