Steiff 024382 Sian Caribbean Manatee

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Steiff 024382 Sian Caribbean Manatee, 33cm.

Sian is made out of soft grey plush. He is filled with synthetic filling material. Sian has safety eyes.

He is machine washable at 30° C and has the CE mark for safe toys.

Sian has a stainless steel button in his left flipper.


Help us protect the diversity of species. The world is in a state of radical change and the number of species facing extinction is climbing. With this in mind, we partnered with National Geographic and created a special collection of plush toy animals in support of preserving biodiversity. The collection includes a wide variety of animals that were photographed by Joel Sartore for the National Geographic Photo Ark species preservation project. Your purchase is supporting a good cause! Proceeds from the sale of any National Geographic product support scientists, explorers and researchers from the National Geographic Society all over the world. He glides through the water full of trust and with easy movements. This is how everyone knows the Caribbean manati. And that’s the whole tragedy. Hunting and injuries from ship’s propellers and fishing tackle have finally led to this species becoming seriously endangered. This friendly animal is represented by Sian Caribbean manati. He is 33 cm long and made of cuddly soft plush fabric. His face is coloured brown by using airbrush applications. His species lives in the warm coastal waters of the Caribbean. This is where this friendly animal is exposed to danger from fishing and passing boats because of its slow movements. It’s also why there is an alarming decline in its population. Sian Caribbean manati would like to draw people’s attention to this problem. Children will find him to be an unusual cuddle mate and will raise their awareness for rare species at an early age. A friendly trusting animal that radiates cosiness. As part of a collection, Sian Caribbean manati is sure to draw your attention to a different kind of creature. A gift idea for people who appreciate something special.

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