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Always secure with a Steiff Lion

We are fierce but also sweet and soft.
steiff ean 064135 leo lion 45cm

Steiff EAN 064135 Leo Lion

steiff cosy ean 064647 cheetah

Steiff EAN 064647 plush baby cheetah dangling

Delivery time:14 dagen
steiff ean 084102-billy-tiger

Steiff EAN 084102 Billy Tiger

steiff ean 240607 leon lion

Steiff EAN 240607 Leon Lion

steiff ean 075742 tuhin the white tiger

Steiff EAN 75742 Tuhin the white Tiger

steiff ean 065620 pawley lion

Steiff EAN 065620 Pawley Lion Soft Cuddly Friends

steiff ean 065613 pawley lion

Steiff EAN 065613 Pawley Leeuw Soft Cuddly Friends*

steiff ean064005 leo lion

Steiff EAN 064005 Leo Lion

Steiff 064463 Radjah Tijger*

steiff ean 064234 ozzi ozzelot

Steiff EAN 064234 Ozzi Serval

ean 280092 leo leeuw 24.00

Steiff Cosy EAN 280092 Leo Lion

Delivery time:5-7 dagen
steiff cosy ean 066153 bharat white tiger

Steiff EAN 066153 plush Bharat white tiger

Delivery time:14 dagen
steiff ean 065637 timba lion

Steiff EAN 065637 Timba Lion

steiff cosy ean 066658 leo lion

Steiff EAN 066658 plush Leo lion

Delivery time:14 dagen