steiff ean 073120 entenkuken creme 14 cm


Waterbirds in all colours to love and hold.

Sweet to play with and hug.
steiff ean 073243 mini chickilee

Steiff ean 073243 Mini Chickilee Happy Farm*

steiff ean 080432 piepsi chick

Steiff EAN 080432 Piepsi kuiken*

steiff ean 063954 susie swan

Steiff EAN 063954 Susie Swan

steiff art 355271 jemima puddle duck

Steiff art nr. 355271 Jemima Puddle Duck

Steiff Piep Chick

Steiff 073632 Piep Kuiken / Chick / Küken*

Steiff 073892 Pipsy Chick

Steiff 073892 Soft Cuddly Friends Pipsy chick

Steiff 073694 eendekuiken creme*

steiff cosy ean 057557 gans

Steiff EAN 057557 Goose crème

steiff cosy 280382 sigi kuiken

Steiff EAN 280382 Sisi duckling swan