steiff ean 266195 keyring fynn


Lovely mini Steiff animals

Mini Steiff animals to protect your keys or decorate your bag.

Order by mail because of different shipping costs.

steiff ean 112454 keyring llama

Steiff EAN 112454 Lama pendant keyring

steiff ean 112461-pendant-butterfly

Steiff EAN 112461 Keyring Pendant Butterfly

110214 sleutel key schlussel hund

Steiff EAN 110214 Keyring dog

pony sleutelhanger

Steiff EAN 110184 keyring Pony

steiff ean 355103 hedwig pendant

Steiff EAN 355103 Hedwig owl pendant keyring

steiff ean 112447-pendant-caterpillar

Steiff EAN 112447 Keyring Pendant caterpillar

steiff ean 112430-pendant-slug

Steiff EAN 112430 Keyring Pendant Slug

hase sleutel

Steiff EAN 112003 Keyring Rabbit

golden retriever steiff hanger

Steiff EAN 110306 Keyring Golden Retriever

steiff keyring ean 110122 schnauzer

Steiff EAN 110122 Keyring Schnauzer

sleutelhanger ijsbeer arco

Steiff EAN 111150 Keyring Arco


Steiff EAN 111594 Keyring Bobby


Steiff EAN 111587 Keyring Sophie

ean 111600 fynn sleutel

Steiff EAN 116000 Keyring Fynn

ean 111570 james sleutel

Steiff EAN 111570 Keyring James

ean 111792 charly creme sleutel

Steiff EAN 111884 Keyring Charly


Steiff EAN 111785 Keyring teddy Lotte

sleutelhanger haas

Steiff EAN 110207 Keyring Rabbit

steiff ean 355295 nelly beagle pendant

Steiff EAN 355295 Nelly the Beagle pendant

steiff ean 112379 keyring ladybird

Steiff EAN 112379 keyring ladybird

steiff ean 112362 keyring dog

Steiff EAN 112362 Keyring Dog Strolch

steiff ean 112089 sleutelhanger kat

Steiff EAN 112089 Keyring Cat red tabby

steiff ean 112331 sleutelhanger sneeuwman

Steiff EAN 112331 Keyring frosty snowman

steiff sleutel ean 112300 beer met strik

Steiff EAN 112300 keyring Teddy bear beige

steiff sleutel ean 112317 beer rose

Steiff EAN 112317 keyring teddy bear pink