Haasje Hoppel


Sweet pink friends for lovely sweet baby girls.


All kinds of baby items in a lovely pink colour. All items are safe for babies and young infants.

Most items are available within one week. 

Steiff baby ean 239526 Sleep well bear pink

Steiff Baby EAN 239526 Sleep well bear pink

Steiff ean 237577 Hoppel rabbit pink

Steiff Baby EAN 237577 Hoppel rabbit Pink

237485 hoppi

Steiff EAN 237485 Hoppi Rabbit pink

237850 greifring rosa.jpg mockily

Steiff EAN 237850 Mockily Hippo grip toy with rattle

steiff baby ean 239885 sleep well beer roze

Steiff Baby EAN 239885 Sleep well bear pink heat cushion,

steiff ean 240546 gift set pink with rattle

Steiff EAN 240546 gift set pink

237546 hoppel hase schmusetuch 28 cm 2 laagjes 27,90

Steiff EAN 237546 Hoppel Rabbit Comforter

steiff ean 239632 baby sweet dreams lamb

Steiff EAN 239632 Sweet dreams lamb comforter pink

steiff ean 240805 belly rabbit

Steiff EAN 240805 rattle Belly rabbit Soft Cuddly Friends

steiff ean 240751belly rabbit

Steiff EAN 240751 comforter Belly rabbit Soft Cuddly Friends

steiff ean 240706 belly rabbit

Steiff EAN 240706 Belly rabbit Soft Cuddly Friends

steiff ean 240393 giselle bell giraffe

Steiff EAN 240393 Giselle Bell Giraffe Soft Cuddly Friends*

Steiff baby 239625 Droom lekker lam rose

steiff ean 239533 sleep well bear comforter pink

Steiff EAN 239533 Sleep well bear comforter pink

steiff ean 241352 my firs teddy pink

Steiff EAN 241352 My First Teddy Pink

Steiff ean 237157 Sleep well grip toy pink

Steiff EAN 237157 Sleep well teddy grip toy pink

steiff ean 015502 blossom babies doll

Steiff EAN 015502 Blossom Babies Doll