steiff reclame hondjes
Your best friend, soft and cuddly

Lots of dogs, big and small. All want to be your best friend.  

Looking for a dog in the classic collection? 

Steiff 122163 Jaycee Border Collie

Steiff 076909 Curlie Cockapoo

Steiff EAN 080777 Soft Cuddly Friends Caramel dog

Steiff EAN 083631 Soft Cuddly Friends Taffy dog

Steiff EAN 083648 Soft Cuddly Friends Taffy Dog

Steiff EAN 077043 Kelly Dog in bag

Steiff EAN 077050 Kelly dog in bag

Steiff EAN 079856 Matty Dog

Steiff EAN 076947 Andor Golden Retriever*

Steiff Cosy EAN 280160 Golden Retriever pup Lumpi

Steiff Cosy EAN 280252 luca Labrador Pup

Steiff EAN 281105 Little Floppy Lumpi Golden Retriever

Steiff EAN 076961 Lenni Golden Retriever laying

Steiff EAN 083532 Tommy dog

Steiff EAN 083549 Puppy Sammy

Steiff EAN 076077 Rico Dog

Steiff EAN 076923 Herkules Yorkshire Terrier

Steiff EAN 076916 Lupi dalmatian

Steiff EAN 084416 Denim Darlings Wuff dog

Steiff 078583 Waldi Wirehaired Dachshund*

Steiff 079542 Tommi West Highland Terrier White from the Cesar advertisment*

Steiff 078828 Lumpi Schnauzer*

Steiff 078569 Waldi wirehaired dachshund*

Steiff 668937 Labrador AKC American Kennel Club

Steiff 078385 Dalmatian

Steiff 099175 Berno Goldendoodle soft cuddly friends