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Steiff 072987 Back in Time Eselie Donkey

Steiff 072987 Back in Time Eselie Donkey, 25cm


made of cuddly soft woven fur



with safety eyes

stuffed with synthetic filling

machine washable at 30° C


Memories live on when you look at Back in Time Eselie donkey. 25 cm tall grey Eselie is designed in retro look and is based on the plush toy collection of the past. The label on its neck is a reminder of the packaging design of yesteryear. With beautifully soft cuddly plush fabric and elaborate airbrush details in pink, black and brown. The inner ears are cream coloured. Its snout is white. With wiring in the legs and a black mane.


Steiff EAN 072710 Fenny Horse

Steiff EAN 072710 Fenny horse, about 32cm.

Fenny is made of cuddly soft black and white woven fur with airbrush details. She is stuffed with synthetic filling material and has safety eyes. Fenny is machine washable at 30 degree C and has the CE mark for safe toys.

 Fenny has a brass plated "button in Ear"


Steiff 072666 Ferdy paard*

Steiff 072666 Ferdy paard, totale lengte ong. 45cm.

retired item, 1x op voorraad / 1 in stock.

Ferdy is een paard uit de oudere collectie van Steiff. Ferdy is gemaakt van bruin en wit pluche, heeft veiligheidsogen, is gevuld met synthetisch materiaal en heeft airbrush details. Ferdy is wasbaar op 30 graden C in de machine en heeft zijn Knopf im Ohr.

Ferdy is bij ons als decoratie gebruikt, daarom nu voor een aanbiedingsprijs. Hij heeft zijn borstschild maar helaas geen kaartjes meer aan de benen.



Steiff 052194 paard bruin*

Steiff 052194 paard bruin, 14cm.

retired item, 1x op voorraad.

Paard bruin is gemaakt van bruin, zwart en wit pluche met airbrush details. Hij is staand, heeft veiligheidsogen en is gevuld met synthetisch materiaal. Hij heeft het CE kenmerk voor veilig speelgoed.


retired item


Steiff EAN 070655 Fanny pony brown

Steiff EAN 070655 Fanny pony brown, 30cm.

Steiff Fanny is made out of brown plush.

He is not jointed, but can stand on his own.

This plush toy is filled with synthetic filling material.

He has safety eyes.

This animal is machine washable at 30° C.

Steiff Fanny has a button in his left ear.

This product is 100% safe for your child!




Steiff EAN 071287 Spotty Horse

Steiff EAN 071287 Spotty Horse, 30cm.

Spotty horse is brown/white chequered, 30 cm tall and is made of cuddly soft plush fur. Spotty will soon become an absolute favourite with all horse lovers. That's definite! Thanks to the internal wires, the horse's legs can be bent in any way you want. Whether you use it as a cuddly toy or a playmate, Spotty Horse will make many dreams come true for all young horse lovers. It makes a great gift.

He is stuffed with synthetic filling material. He has safety eyes and is machine washable at 30° C.

He is with CE mark and stainless steel "Button in Ear"